INNOVATOR Internship Opportunities

@Digital Impact Square (DISQ), NASHIK, INdiA

Spend six (6) months from Jan 2017 onwards as DISQ Innovator, and work on a curated Grand Challenge with some of greatest minds from the MIT Media Lab. Here is a representative list of projects in collaboration with scientists at the MIT Media Lab (e.g., Affective Computing, Camera Culture, Changing Places, Lifelong Kindergarten, Personal Robots, and Scalable Cooperation). 


Curiosity-based Early Literacy Platform - Developing technology components such as App Launcher, Interactive eBookEngine and Stealth Assessor for advancing research goals that include personalization, content development, community interaction and assessment of "Curious Learning" platform.

SKILLSCAPE for INDIA - Develop skills landscape through a demand driven approach by effectively deploying technology to bring data from various stakeholders, such as industry and local businesses, educational Institutes, local administration for forecasting specific skills requirements, and job opportunities.

Street Address for All - Most places in India do not have proper street addresses. Create an automated way to automatically assign addresses, based on satellite image processing, in such a way that the addresses make intuitive human sense.

City-wide IoT - Leveraging IoT, acquire real-time, location based data about the city’s infrastructure, environment and activities, and make it possible for relevant stakeholders and administration to work together and address specific problems such as weather alerts, traffic, parking, pollution, and citizen safety.

Community Education through SCRATCH - Through a localized deployment of "SCRATCH" in India, building computational creativity among elementary and middle school students and concurrently address core areas such as Language Arts, Science, and Math.

$1 Wearable - Create a wireless and secure wearable that costs $1. This wearable stores a person's digital identity and can be used in a variety of scenarios. The initial use case is for automatically keeping attendance at school.

Crop Maps  - Using imaging techniques map which crops grow where, predict crop outputs, and by using wider datasets such as farmer loans, alternate financing and other relevant data, look to address farmer suicides.

Predicting mood, stress, and mental health - Through innovative application of ongoing Media Lab research and wearables technology, being able to predict stress and mood by measuring/ analyzing ambulatory physiological, behavioral and social data from wearable sensors and mobile phones along with traits data such as personality.

Siri in Marathi or regional languages - Many voice assistants exist in English, but very few to none are in Indian languages. Create a machine learning based voice assistant in an Indian language, trained initially on a corpus. Subsequently, it continuously improves itself. 

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