Each year in January we host an innovation event. This is an opportunity for people involved in one of the locations to network and learn from others, as well as to interact with researchers and other experts. We are fostering innovation efforts in regions including: Eastern Europe (Bratislava, Slovakia), Latin America (Guadalajara, Mexico and São Paulo, Brazil), and close to home in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Each of these locations has a unique emphasis, based on the needs of the area and the skills and interests of the local stakeholders. All of the existing and new hubs will be gateways to the energy and creativity of innovators who will create solutions to satisfy significant social needs in their locations, and perhaps elsewhere as well. The next generation of innovators is being cultivated, and the seeds of economic development and personal empowerment have being planted – through the innovators themselves, their solutions, and the people they touch.

Learn more about our innovation efforts here: innovatingforbillions.com