MIT scientists and collaborators are hosting workshops in January 2017 in India -- to SPOT problems and PROBE solutions with invited experts, scientists and change makers. We will explore billion dollar problems for citizens and communities in emerging worlds -- including farmers, merchants, women and crowds -- in several areas to improve billions of lives:

  1. AI and the Data Revolution
  2. Imaging for Social Good
  3. Personal Identity and Low Cost Wearables
  4. Maps and Geo-centric Tech
  5. Machine Learning for Digital Health



Ramesh Raskar will present a keynote at Action for India the morning of January 24th.  To leanre more about Action for India and to register visit:

January 24th

14:00      Welcome Address - Emerging Worlds - Journey thus far and what's next
14:15       MIT Team Lightning Talks
14:15       Additional 2 minute Lightning Talks
14:30      Breakout Session 1
15:30      Break-out: Session 2    
16:30      Lightning Presentation   5 Themes
16:50      Closing Address

January 25th

09:00     Welcome and Recap
09:15      Breakout Session 3
10:30      Breakout Session 4
11:30       Lightning Presentation   5 Themes        
12:50      Closing Address






India International Centre (IIC) Annexe, Lecture Room II

Address: 40, K.K. Birla Marg, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, 110003, India