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The Emerging Worlds: Innovating for Billions is hosting presentations and brainstorming sessions in three cities this July. Join us to address global challenges in emerging economies in areas such as health, distributed objects that make systems, wearables, cameras for good, agriculture, and digital economy for the unorganized sector. Learn about our shared vision and work to solve billion dollar problems that will impact billions of lives.  

Hyderabad - July 8 and 9

Mumbai - July 11 and 12

Nashik - July 14 - 16

Our aim is to influence and improve human lives. The proliferation of mobile devices and wide connectivity, as well as the availability and growth of machine learning, crowdsourcing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things offer new possibilities for research and development. In both developed and Emerging Worlds, there is a great opportunity for game-changing innovations that will impact billions.  

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