a presentation by Ajay Bohora, Co-Founder and CEO of Credila Financial Services

Ajay Bohora shared his thoughts with innovators last summer during the Emerging Worlds workshop hosted at DISQ in Nashik, India.  Ajay outlined the context, challenges and opportunities available for people in the unorganized sector, an area that many innovators hope to disrupt and improve in the coming years.  Using this framework, teams were asked to formulate grand challenge statements to have the greatest impact.  Review Ajay's outline below to brainstorm your own ideas related to this underrepresented group and learn more about the projects that DISQ innovators are addressing here: https://www.digitalimpactsquare.com/communities/all_challenges


·      Going Digital: Empowers people, enables inclusiveness & brings in equity

·      Half-life period of most products & services is rapidly shrinking

·      Fragmentation of markets: The new reality

·      Hence, new organized initiatives have slowed down, creating opportunities for Unorganized Sector, driven by the spirit of disruption & mind boggling speed of change

Current Challenges

o   Underemployment & unemployment

o   Educated & skilled youth awaiting opportunities

o   Govt. constrained for revenues & hence the budget

o   Organized sector facing uncertainties, disruption & hence cautious

Enablers Available:

o   Aadhar (unique identity to citizens of India)

o   Mobile penetration

o   3G, 4G bandwidth

o   Payment Banks, Mobile Wallets, Unified Payment System,

o   eKYC

o   O2O & O2Ois becoming common


o   Survival of unorganized sector dependent on re-inventing their core & work flows

o   First mile & last mile digital interfaces for unorganized sector

o   Digitally driven customer experience for the unorganized sector

o   Micro payments available coupled with omnipresent Mobile & bandwidth

o   Govt. establishments want digital efficiencies which create jobs, without Govt. bearing fixed recurring costs

Matching Challenges with Opportunities

·      Unorganized going digital for customer acquisition, retention, supply chain, delivery & service

·      Unorganized human resources & businesses leveraging block chain kind of methodologies to distribute work in smaller packets & assemble them back

·      Can Govt. work be split into micro tasks enabled by technology


1) Inspection & Certification role of Govt. can it be split in smaller tasks which are person independent made possible by verifiable technology e.g. semi-skilled college drop out from rural India can carry mobile, does geo tagging, takes pictures of key inspection points, fills in info. on mobile driven block chain driven Govt. work flow

2) Unorganized sectors include unknown technologically driven rural semi-skilled part timers as a part of their supply chain where a centralized distribution platform, governed by Ratings & Reviews opens up jobs for unemployed youth

3) Leveraging online and offline network: Global entities tap into educated, trained, untrained mobile savvy and citizens of the world, who leverage their online & offline network to generate leads, conduct consumer surveys, do last mile physical or digital delivery of products & services on assignment basis